For 17 years, Manifestory has produced a unique programme in France to promote apprenticeships and teach young people how to behave in a corporate setting and so ensure their successful integration.

After just 20 hours of training in behavioural theatre, apprentices tread the boards of a prestigious theatre and act out 3-minute skits concerning their sector, their status as apprentices or else simply to defend a good cause.

A jury made up of professionals from the world of theatre and business as well as celebrities will decide on the best performances at the end of these evening events.

Since its launch in 2002, more than 55,000 spectators have come to applaud 10,500 young people on 150 separate evenings.

The programme also represents 23,000 hours of workshops organised in CFAs (apprentice training centres) as well as the production of 1,780 skits.

Worth noting:

Almost 92% of companies reported an improvement in the people skills of young participants after the operation.